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Hayfork is the best kept secret in California, the southern most town on Hwy.#3. Population  2153   Elevation 2350'  4 seasons- Typical winter; lows 25 deg. high 80, Start planting underground in April ..above grounds in May.  Expect the first frost sometime late part of September.  Generally no rain from June thru September.

The town has many churches including: Seventh Day Adventist, Mormon, Solid Rock, Assembly of God, Catholic, Community,  and Jehovah's Witness.  We have our own school district which includes Hayfork, Hyampom and Wildwood.  There is a high school of 130 students, an alternative school with 12 students and an elementary with 300 (preschool-8). The businesses in town draw on a population of about 5000.

The Water District has about 650 customers.  A sewer system was completed  in 2005..  Hayfork is part of the Trinity County Public Utilities District in which Trinity County has its own electric source which is the 2nd least expensive in the State and has never had a brown-out or shut down due to shortage.  In fact there is a surplus of power of some 15-20 megawatts.

There is a private medical clinic in town with a Doctor,two medical assistants and 3 nurse type employees.  Medicare and all other insurance is accepted.  The Mercy Hospital in Redding (65miles) will pick up patients from the Doctor's office or any home that a helicopter can land at or from the lighted airport by fixed wing aircraft.   The ambulance stationed in Hayfork is on duty 24 hours/day and  will transport to the airport, the hospital in Weaverville (33miles) or any hospital in Redding.  The Dentist is so well thought of that some of his patients come all the way from Redding.

Hayfork also has two markets, a health food store, a large pharmacy, a department store with a full selection, feed store, hardware/building supply store, farmers market every Friday in the Spring and Summer, a video store, 3 real estate offices, four private restaurants and two deli's.  A Veterinary Clinic is open every Wednesday.  In addition to small animals, there is an expert in equine health once a month.  Affiliated with the clinic, is a pet grooming service.

The Trinity County Fairgrounds in Hayfork is home to the annual county fair in August, as well as the annual Trinity County Bigfoot BBQ in September.

Hayfork boasts the best AIRPORT in the county with a 4200’ paved runway, tie down spaces,  a new pilots’ lounge and radio controlled runway lights.  A short walk from the airport via the suspension bridge over Hayfork Creek will bring you to the "Post Office Square".  Both Irene’s Café and Casa de Castellanos are close to square.  

If you prefer to camp or have an RV, there are facilities at the fair grounds, Philpot campground, and Forest Glen which is on the South Fork of the Trinity River and is 17 miles south of Hayfork with campgrounds, picnic areas, fishing and swimming.

In 1989, citizens of the community constructed a new Senior Citizens Center in Hayfork.  The Center serves lunch Mon. thru Fri. and the cooks are excellent.  Periodically, there are flu shots, legal advice, estate planning, bingo and other services provided at the Center.  A County bus provides transportation twice daily to and from Weaverville (33 miles).

The Community maintains a centralized park with a solar heated pool, picnic area, children's play area, lighted little league field and tennis courts.  The high school has tennis courts, a baseball diamond, and a lighted track and football field.  There are numerous clubs active in the community among which are:  Rotary, VFW, Log Cabin Quilters,  Friends of the Library, The Spirits, Lions and many others.

It is worth noting that 78% of Trinity County is owned by the U.S. Government.  Hayfork is surrounded by U.S. Forest Service land and mountains ranging from 3600' to 6000'.  Our local reservoir of 40 acres is stocked annually with bass and trout and although no boats are allowed, there is some fine fishing.  Ruth Lake is about 24 miles to the west via Hwy. #3 and #36 and Whiskeytown Lake is east about 40 miles.  Then there is also Lewiston Lake north of Weaverville about 35 miles from Hayfork.  We have Hayfork Creek , which is a branch of the Trinity River, running through the town with some exciting steelhead fishing.   Deer and bear abound here for those who wish to go after them.  Traffic  stops every day downtown at some time to allow deer to cross the road.  Many of the subdivision houses have deer on the lawns in the morning.

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